Adult Membership

Every individual member of Tug of War Ireland must complete an individual membership form.

The cost of individual membership for adults is €50.


Membership Terms & Conditions

By completing the form above and making my

  • I wish to apply for Individual Membership of Tug of War Ireland.
  • I agree to comply with the Code of Conduct, Constitution ,Rules Policies and Procedures laid down by the T.O.W.I
  • I understand the Personal Data on this form will be used by the Company for the contractual purpose of registering (or re-registering) and maintaining membership.
  • I understand that the Personal Data will be retained by the Company for such period as the individual’s Membership subsists.
  • I understand that an existing member can resign their Membership by writing to the Company and their Personal Data will then be erased.
  • I understand that my Personal Data will also be used for administrative purposes to maintain individual Membership including club and team administration, registrations, team sheets, disciplinary matters, injury reports, transfers, sanctions and for statistical purposes.
  • I understand that without the provision of Personal Data an individual’s Membership cannot be registered with the Company.
  • I am aware that my photograph or video image may be taken whilst attending or participating in matches or activities connected with the Company. I also consent to it being used by the Company for items like annual handbook, fixtures reports, Company website and social media channels.